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Corbel Cranes

Corbel Cranes

Corbel Cranes

Corbel Cranes

Corbel Cranes

Corbel Cranes

Corbel Cranes

Corbel Cranes

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Corbel Cranes Pvt. Ltd.

Corbel Cranes Pvt. Ltd. The Company was established by our mentor, Mr. Chandan D. Proprietor  who has 12 years experience in  Crane Engineering Fabrication line. We have 15 employees working in 5000sq feet work area we have been able to gain commendable position in the market in such short period of time. Owing to our customer centric approach, which was implemented in our company since its establishment, we have catered to a huge clientele across different markets of India

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Cranes are available with a huge range of customer options in capacities up to 200 tonnes. Double girder cranes give a better height of lift in a given headroom as the hook travels between the beams. They are available in higher capacities than single girder and for heavy duty applications they can be supplied

Hoists formed by a combination of fixed mounted-type with the double-rail trolley and is operated on the Double girder, while the wheel is made of mono-block medium carbon steel with the surface being processed with hardness treatment; automated adjustment by eccentric shaft, capable of running on uneven rails

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  • EOT Cranes

  • H.O.T Crane With Structure

  • Jib Cranes

  • Goods Lifts

  • Gantry Cranes

  • Spare Parts

  • Heavy Fabrication Work

  • Electric Chain Hoist

  • Planetary Gear Boxes

  • Travelling Trolleys

  • Electric Hoists


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